Expressing Gratitude

How often  do we express gratitude for the everyday experiences in our lives?  We asked members of the Stewardship Committee to share how they recognize and express gratitude in their daily lives and here’s what they said.

  • I express gratitude by supporting organizations like the ACLU and WHYY radio for the work they do for justice and uncompromising information.
  • I’m grateful for the life-giving gift of the day. 
  • The last thing I do each night  is think of all the people and things I engaged in that day that I’m grateful for. 
  • When I sit down to eat I thank the food on my plate which, for me, represents the gifts of Mother Earth and Father Sun, the farmers who grew the food and all who were part of bringing it to my table.  I’m now incorporating a habit of many Indigenous peoples of saying thank you at the end of meals also.

The Stewardship Committee thanks you for your expressions of gratitude.  If you haven’t made a year-end gift to UUCWC yet, click here for information on how to do this.