Endowment Update

by Bonnie Gilbert, Co-chair, Endowment Committee

This is the time of year the Endowment Committee usually calls for grant requests for items of need that are not in the annual budget. However, due to the lackluster performance of our Endowment Funds in comparison to our contributions, the Endowment Committee is sorry to report we will be unable to offer grants this year. We hope to be able to offer grants next year. The committee does wish to remind you that your contributions are always appreciated and go to increase our endowment as well as to allow us to offer grants. Grant money has paid for items such as hardware and technical support to improve Zoom, plantings around our grounds, special musicians on Sunday mornings, benches and picnic tables in the recent past, and even the solar panels many years ago. The committee will be looking for new members for the 2023-24 church year starting this July. Anyone interested can contact Janet Hubbard or Bonnie Gilbert for more information.