Embracing A New Church Year

by Maria Baratta, President, UUCWC Board of Trustees

Can we reclaim the word ‘delta’ so that it will once again be used to refer to change rather than a dreaded disease variant? Whether used in a formula for physics, chemistry, math or investing, let’s remember that delta relates to change over time. I think we should refer to 2020/2021 as the era of delta.  The symbol for delta is an italicized open triangle.  That feels so much more reassuring than the daily graphs and charts we see tracking COVID.

Whether you are a parent getting ready for that first day of a new school year or an employee who may be going back to a workplace for the first time in 18 months, I’m sure you’re all a little like me… scanning the horizon to see what’s ahead.  As I write this in mid-August, today doesn’t feel the same as March 2020.  Then, it felt like we were strapped to a seat in a packed airplane during a very turbulent flight, hoping to survive the landing.  Now, it feels more like driving on a dark and windy road late at night, not sure what’s ahead and relieved each time we get through a curve.  Boy, have things changed.

Compare the start of our last church year with the start of this new church year.  It’s been a time of dramatic changes brought on by disease, politics, hope, joy and some setbacks.  All of it is inextricably bound together.  It is dizzying to think about.  And through it all, UUCWC has been there to help shine a light and offer balance to our changing lives.

In this new church year I hope we can embrace change in a spirit of excitement, wonder and openness.  Some of the things we have to look forward to this church year include:

• New and exciting ways to participate in worship services both from home and onsite.
• Our children returning to RE with a hope of being together in person when it becomes possible.
• The start of our capital project to make many needed and desired changes to our beautiful church home.


Change always has elements of uncertainty.  Rising rates of COVID might force renewed restrictions.  A construction project will cause us to feel discombobulated while it is ongoing. Our beloved music director, Caryl Tipton, will be retiring in June 2022 and while we will celebrate her time with us, we will also have to prepare for the loss when she leaves.

More than anything, the changes we have experienced already and those ahead all rely on patience, generosity of spirit, and humor to see us through.

I deeply appreciate that our congregation has entrusted the Board to see us through these times of challenge and opportunity.  Thank you for believing in us.  We look forward to everyone joining us on this rollercoaster of life this year and beyond.  If you want to learn how your Board of Trustees is navigating the changes coming our way, please let us know if you would like to listen in on a Board meeting.  Or maybe you would like to attend a Board chat session following a Sunday service in the coming months.  You can also email the Board at board@uucwc.org.

Wishing everyone a happy new church year!