Easy Money for UUCWC

A note from Fundraising Chair, Wendy Stasolla

Please note that as of October 2020, UUCWC no longer participates in this program.

Please keep in mind that UUCWC receives 4% cash back of your purchase total from Amazon every time you go to the Amazon website by clicking through the link on the UUCWC homepage.

If you have any questions about how this works don’t hesitate to reach out to Wendy Stasolla at fundraising@uucwc.org for help. Many organizations collect thousands of dollars a year through this program. We want to capture this “FREE” money, especially now when many of us are having to buy more things online.

Let’s see if we can make this a consistent form of revenue for our wonderful organization. We’re not asking anyone to use Amazon any more than they normally would, we’re simply asking that if you are already shopping through Amazon, that you go through our link so that UUCWC receives 4% of your total every time you shop.