Easy $$$ for UUCWC with NEW Fundraising Program

“RaiseRight” is a fundraising program that will allow UUCWC to earn a percentage of the purchase price of every gift card purchased. You, the purchaser, get the full gift card amount to spend, and UUCWC gets 4%-12% in profit depending on the store. Choose from over 700 brands of grocery stores, pharmacies, clothing, sporting goods, hardware, office supplies, etc. If members regularly buy cards through the program for monthly shopping, it would create a steady stream of support for the church community we love.

For example: If 100 of our members bought $200-$400 worth of Giant, Shoprite or Acme cards through the program each month, UUCWC would receive $800-$1600 a month in profit. If families also started using the program to buy necessities at other places they frequent, (Home Depot, Staples, Shutterfly, REI, Southwest Airlines etc. etc. etc.). Then IMAGINE, just HOW MUCH Community we could create, how much World we could Change, and how much Life we could Celebrate TOGETHER!

You can sign up on the Raise Right website or download the RaiseRight App to your phone. You can pay by check (sent to the church), credit card (right on the site/app) or by linking a checking account. Check it out! Our enrollment code is TRVNR5BH8A4A.

Also, look for a table in the lobby after services in June for more information and/or to buy cards that we pre-bought to jump start the program. If you need help getting started, your friendly coordinator, Wendy Stasolla, is just an email away at fundraising@uucwc.org. If you want to help get this started, I would love to hear from you too!