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Update on Rev. Kim’s Meeting with Chief of Police

Rev. Kim Wildszewski

In August’s CrossCurrents, I shared with you the email I sent to the Hopewell Township Chief of Police, Lance Maloney. The subject of the email was to request a time to meet with him, and any other interested party, about our potential usage of a Black Lives Matter banner; to hear from the Chief how this phrase is heard and felt among fellow Officers and Officials; and to discover how we might build a partnership in an assumed shared goal of racial justice.

I am so pleased to share with you that only a few days later Sallie Dunner, the Rev. Rob Gregson of the UU Legislative Ministry of NJ and I, met with Chief Maloney, a Lieutenant and Committeewoman here at UUCWC. I do not believe the meeting could have gone better.. Read more here…

Raising Race-Conscious Children

Barbara Schroeder Jensen, Chair, Religiuos Education Committee for Children and Youth

Thanks to a grant from UUCWC’s Council for Faith in Action, the Children’s RE Committee participated in a webinar on “Raising Race-Conscious Children” last month. The committee decided not to share the webinar with RE parents (because of very poor sound quality and other technical problems), but I do want to share with you what we learned. Read more here…

Robin Pugh, Director of Lifespan Religious Education, can be reached at dre@uucwc.org.

From your Board of Trustees

We’re Learning and Growing Together: Our Goals for 2016–2017

Michael Dalzell, Secretary, UUCWC Board of Trustees

What are we about as a faith community? And how should the Board of Trustees’ goals reflect that?

These questions framed the discussion at this year’s board summer retreat. At these twice-a-year gatherings, we look back and look forward — reviewing progress made toward the goals set at our previous retreat and establishing new goals for the year to come. Read more…

Contact any member of the board, or board@uucwc.org with your comments, questions, and/or concerns.

Council for Faith in Action:

UUCWC’s Racial Justice Initiative Continues in 2016-2017

Sallie Dunner, Chair, Council for Faith in Action

As we start the new church year, we will be continuing our Racial Justice Initiative, which was well received in 2015-16. As before, there will be book suggestions and discussions, a few movie nights, and social action opportunities, as well as the Beloved Conversations Adult Religious Education offering which was developed by a UU minister.

A main focus of the fall will be an examination of the Black Lives Matter movement, and the UUA’s support of the movement, prior to deciding whether or not we should have a Black Lives Matter banner on church property, something that approximately 140 UU congregation have now done. The decision as to whether or not UUCWC should display a banner will be determined by the congregation via a congregational vote, and will not be decided upon by either Rev. Kim or the Council for Faith in Action.. Read more…

Return to Two Services
Children’s RE Fall Session

September 18

Sunday, September 18, marks our return to two services at 9:15am and 11:00am. The fall session of Children’s Religious Education will also get underway.

If you have not registered your child(ren) for RE yet, please click here for information on the 2016-2017 curriculum and the registration form.

Get to know the UUA presidential candidates

Check out UU World’s coverage of the UUA Presidential Election, which will be held at General Assembly 2017.

Read more here…

New Concert Series at UUCWC: Cosmic Crossings

The first of our new concert series, the Cosmic Crossings, takes place on Friday, Sept 16th at 8 pm.

For more info on the concerts, see CosmicCrossings.org.

On September 20, PBS stations all across the country will be airing, Defying the Nazis, the Sharp’s War.

Waitsall Sharp, a Unitarian Minister and his wife, Martha went to Prague in the late 1930’s to rescue those who would be targeted for the death camps by the Nazis. They were credited with saving thousands of lives, many of them children.

UULMNJ Issues Conference

Saturday, October 15

Special Guest Chris Crass

Join social justice leaders from across New Jersey and help UULMNJ set priorities and plan for the year to come.

Meet new Executive Director, Rev. Rob Gregson. Hear about the exciting future of the UU Legislative Ministry of NJ and put your faith into action!

See www.uulmnj.org for more information and registration.

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