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Be Gentle to Everybody

Rev. Kim Wildszewski

Last week a small ant crawled across our kitchen floor.  It was fast for such a tiny thing and I wouldn’t have seen it, or noticed it, or been able to give it much attention except that Tobias’s eyes grew larger as the speck moved between his feet. And soon, as curiosity became fear, my son’s large response gave way to an impulse I regret.

I squished the ant.  And then, just as thoughtlessly, waved my hands to say, “all gone.” And so it was.

The reflection of course came after; when Tobias wanted to see that little creature move again.  Wanted to see it take shape across the floor and magically travel large expanses between tile flooring as if it had done this before, as if it had a before and would an after.  But the ant was all gone and I couldn’t bring it back.

How does one explain the fragility of a body, any body, to a 19 month old?  How does one explain the thoughtlessness with which we often treat those bodies?  Read more...

Fall Preview – Adult and Children’s Religious Education
Robin Pugh, Director of Lifespan Religious Education

I have been busy planning for next fall. Here is a preview of what to expect in children’s and adult religious education.  Adult Religious Education offerings will include Coming of Age for Adults, Beloved Conversations, Branches, and Chalice Circles.  Childre’s RE classes will use a variety of UU curricula, including Bibleodeon, Neighboring Faiths, and Our Whole Lives.  Read more…

Robin Pugh, Director of Lifespan Religious Education, can be reached at dre@uucwc.org. Please contact her to volunteer to help teach a children’s religious education class, or if you want more information about UUCWC’s Adult and Children’s Religious Education programs.

Racial Justice Initiative Upate
Discussion on May 23

Nathalie Edmond, Racial Justice Initiative Co-Chair

The Racial Justice Initiative (RJI) is concluding its second church year. This year focused on congregants participating in Beloved Conversations curriculum, Black Lives Matter information meetings and listening circles, the formation of a People of Color circle that meets monthly, discussion and approval of a UUA recommended banner affirming our values, and creation of Facebook page called UUCWC Faith in Action where members share articles and events related to social justice issues. Events in the UUA sparked discussions around white supremacy in a number of forums inside and outside of the church. There was a RJI planning meeting on May 2nd where 35 participants explored the shape the initiative should take in the coming months. Three main focus areas were decided upon.  Read more…

What You Didn’t Know About One Another: We Brought It to You in Crossings
Final Issue Published

Michael Dalzell, Editor, Crossings

Over three years, Crossings magazine told the stories of our congregation. In all, 24 stories — as told through the words of our own members, captured by five brilliant photographers, and shaped by eight talented writers — brought us into the lives of people we sit with every Sunday. People who exemplified Unitarian Universalism’s Seven Principles within and beyond our walls. People who never ceased to amaze me, only because I thought I knew them before I read about them in Crossings.  Read more…

Roland “Rollie” Rahn Memorial Grant  –

Funding Program Established

Mike Muccioli, Chair, Food Ministry

Roland “Rollie” Rahn was a long time member of UUCWC and co-chair of the church’s Food Ministry. Rollie was passionate about the Food Ministry’s service to HomeFront. He firmly believed that in this land of plenty, no one should ever go hungry. Upon his passing in October 2015, Rollie’s family requested that memorial donations be given to the Food Ministry. Thanks to the generosity of Rollie’s friends and family over $7,000 has been raised. Knowing Rollie’s passion for service to the community, a plan has been developed to provide financial support for HomeFront clients and programs associated with HomeFront’s training kitchen and nutrition program.  Read more…

Upcoming Events

Chamber Concert with Erin Busch:  May 13

NJ School Segration Forum sponsored by Building One NJ: May 16

Presentation: Meaning of Organic:  May 17

New Hope Pride Parade: Join UUCWC members and friends:

May 20

Noche Cubana – Cuba Night at UUCWC:  May 20

One service at 10am starts on May 21

Informational Budget Meeting: May 21

Exploring Whiteness: Privilege, Supremacy, and Fragility: Discussion sponsored by the Racial Justice Initiative: May 23

Cosmic Crossings Concert:
May 27

UUCWC Annual Meeting: June 4

Watch your email for details

Demystifying Kinship Circles

UUCWC’s groundbreaking new model for inter-generational relationships has begun its second year of operations. Kinship Circles is based on a perceived need for intentional cross generational connections. Read more…

UUCWC’s Endowment

Many members of UUCWC may not be aware that the UUCWC has an Endowment Fund. It is, in essence, our savings account for the future. The Endowment Fund is used to support unique projects at UUCWC through grants to committees, groups or members for items and projects that enrich our lives and support UU principles, but are beyond the scope of the annual operating budget.  Read more…

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