What is the Council for Faith in Action (CFA)?

The Council for Faith in Action (CFA) was established in 2008, the result of a UUA-facilitated workshop about the best ways to integrate social justice into congregations. It went through some growing pains to become what it is today, serving as the fiduciary steward for the distribution of the 50% of the plate designated for social justice causes and projects and acting as an “umbrella” for the many social justice activities at UUCWC.

Being the fiduciary steward for the plate funds means that CFA is responsible for their distribution. Some of these funds go to organizations and causes that UUCWC has supported for many years, such as HomeFront, the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen, the Morrisville Food Center, the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee, to name a few. Other funds go to organizations or causes that congregants bring to CFA’s attention, such as Oxfam America’s Hurricane Matthew Emergency Fund and, more recently, to their Emergency Fund for the multiple hurricanes in the Caribbean. CFA also provides funding to social justice activities within UUCWC such as the purchase of books and videos for the Journey Toward Wholeness Library, the Family Brown Bag Social Justice Dinner, and support of the Racial Justice Initiative.  Organizations supported in the 2016-2017 church year.

In its role as the “umbrella” for social justice initiatives CFA can provide advice and support as well as funding. As a clearing house for social justice projects CFA ensures alignment with UUCWC’s principles and efficient use of available resources. If a project is being planned and funds are needed, CFA is there. If a project is being planned and advice and support is needed, CFA is there. CFA also ensures that there are no potential conflicts between projects and that any concerned parties are kept informed of what is happening.

So, if you want an organization to receive funding, have a project you want to develop or which needs funding, contact CFA. If you’ve already got a project ready to go, let CFA know before you advertise to ensure there’s no conflict with other social justice activities within the church and to be sure that everyone is on the same page. Any requests for donations, support for projects, etc., are evaluated by the members of CFA and most are promptly approved, but occasionally the committee will request further information before proceeding. This is to ensure wise and responsible use of the monies given every Sunday by our generous congregants.

The Council for Faith in Action can be contacted at cfa@uucwc.org. Sallie Dunner is the current chair and is always happy to provide information or clarification.