COMPASS offered by Central East Region of UUA

This virtual gathering on December 11th (1-9 pm ET) and 12th (noon-4:30 ET) invites each of us to reach into our spiritual toolkits and grab our “compass,” that inner voice that points us toward goodness as we chart a path toward a deeper knowing of Unitarian Universalism. This is a time for the Unitarian Universalist Association to reflect on the theme of “interdependence” and how it guides us in our individual and communal lives.

Music with Rising Appalachia (Trio),
Learning with Dr. Alexis Pauline Gumbs, a Queer Black Feminist Love Evangelist
Reflection with the Article II Study Commission
Worship with Visionary Leaders including Jessica York, Amanda M. Thomas, Aisha Hauser, Sarah Jebian, Rev. Bill Sinkford, Rev. Ranwa Hammamy, Karishma Gottfried, and many others.
Caucus Discussions. An opportunity to reflect within identity groups to regroup and tend to the accountability required for interdependence.

The fee is on a sliding scale from $25-$60. Learn more and register at the COMPASS event page.