Community Outreach

by Steve Saddlemire, Faith Expression and Funding Team

Over the past several stay at home months, the Faith Expression and Funding Team (FEFT) has been busy developing a program to identify and organize community outreach opportunities for our UUCWC members. The goal of this effort was to learn more about how we spend our time giving back to the communities where we live and work, and provide a means of communicating these opportunities to others with similar interests.

Lead by the newly designated Outreach Coordinator, Steve Saddlemire, selected individuals with known involvement in local volunteer organizations were surveyed and their information collected and documented on an Outreach Opportunity Directory. Having only contacted several of our members to date, we were excited about the many possibilities and the profound impact and importance they have on our communities. HomeFront, the Morrisville Food Center, El Centro are all organizations doing valuable work for people in need.

Our next step in this effort will be to become a regular participant at the Sunday fellowship hour’s Action Table, where we will start connecting outreach opportunities with people’s specific interests.

There is no better way to express our UU Principles then to share our time, talent and interests with organizations in our community that help those in need. If you want to get involved or learn more about this important initiative contact Steve at