Caryl Tipton Retiring in 2022

The Personnel Committee, Board and staff look forward to celebrating Caryl Tipton’s 30 years at UUCWC and share this statement from Caryl as well as a history of the music program.

A Statement on Reitrement from Caryl Tipton, Director of Music Ministry

I will have served as Director, Music Ministry for 30 years in August of 2022.  I thought that it would be fitting to retire when I turned 65 and ending my 30th year in 2022.

I never dreamed when I replied to an ad in the paper for the position that I would be here 30 years.  I had no idea what Unitarian Universalism was.  It didn’t take long to know that this was the place I wanted to be.  With the congregation’s commitment to being a Welcoming Congregation, to Social Justice and individual spiritual growth…I would be nowhere else.

It has been such a privilege and joy to direct the music for the church all these years.  I have certainly grown…musically and personally.  I’m so proud of Crossing Chorale and what we’ve accomplished from 5 choir members initially to 30 at one point.  I’ve made life-long friends and value all my experiences here immensely.  Rev. Linda DeSantis from UUCWC co-officiated with Rev. Kimberly Long (from my husband Robert Joe’s church) at our wedding.  Choir members sang for the service (some still in choir today!) and got to know Robert Joe as well.  I so appreciated Charles’, the congregation’s and choir’s patience through my struggles with stepmother-hood,  mental health issues and surgeries.  I survived two interim ministers.  And, the choir and congregation have always been there since Hannah, our daughter, was born, helping us raise her to be the wonderful young woman she is today.

I’ve especially cherished my time serving with Kim most recently.  We work so well together and have developed services of depth and meaning.  She is wise beyond her years and I will miss our time together.  I’ve worked with many ministers in my church music career…and she is the best!

It’s been great to work along with Robin and Susan (and all the DREs and Administrators we’ve had through the years).  And….we’ve been through 15 accompanists during this time.  The last three, Wendy Feaver, Erin Busch and Steve Ryan have been wonderful – so musical, flexible and dependable. 

Although I feel I still have lots to give musically, it’s time to pass the baton to someone younger and with more energy than I seem to have now, as compared to 1992!  I’ll complete the church season and retire as of June, 2022.  This will give you enough time to do a search and hire someone who can carry-on from here. 

To see a Music Program Timeline and history, follow this link: