Capital Project Update – August 2020

By Jayme Trott and Susan Vigilante, Co-Chairs, Capital Campaign /Project

We have little to provide in the way of an update this month, as we continue to WAIT for a number of things.

First, we are waiting for the municipal township to sign off on the UUCWC site plan resolution compliance submission. Unfortunately, there is no “clock” for compliance review.

Second, PSE&G acknowledged receipt of our application for service upgrade; we expect a reply in about two weeks.

Finally, we have been repeatedly disappointed with lack of responsiveness and inadequate plans from the mechanical engineer, causing a lot of back-and-forth, weeks and months of waiting for responses and drawings, and substandard work when we receive it. This has been the primary reason we have been unable to reach out to contractors for bids. We are grateful for Lee Schofer’s expert review and recommendations, which will inform our decisions going forward.

On the bright side, we have hired a talented commercial interior designer to advise on exterior and interior finishes. True to our 8th principle, we are very happy that SG23 Design, LLC in Riverton, NJ, is a minority-owned business.

We hope to have timelines for the phases of construction by October. Our optimism in this regard has been sorely challenged, but we persevere.

Thank you so very much to all who have pledged and are continuing to pay their Capital Campaign pledges!