Board Chat – December 2018

Once monthly UUCWC board members hold a Board Chat between Sunday services.  It is a chance for church members check out what is going on with the board, and the church. What are current issues, what is on the hot seat and what has been put on the back burner?

In December a few church members visited during the middle hour and here is a sample of some of the issues we discussed:

The first question was ”what is going on with the board”, what are you working on?
We discussed the board goals for 2018-2019. They are posted here

There were several questions and comments expressed about the Capital Campaign.
The first was that “we have not heard much.” Some of the attendees had not been to the first service, during which there had been a discussion about that, with handouts (and would be repeated in the second service). Everyone would like regular updates. We discussed forward movement with parking – the board representatives were happy to say things were moving along with that. (And you can see those results as you drive and park in our new parking area!)
Capital Campaign updates have been shared in Cross Currents each month since June and updates will continue to be made in print, on the screen in the lobby, on Facebook and from the pulpit.

What is next? “ There was some discussion about having the elevator installed next, but that may be more expensive than previously thought.
No further projects will be started until late 2019 and possibly into 2020. We will get “drawings” and a “proposal” from the architect at the end of January. Then we can begin to assess what projects are possible, and what we can afford and what projects can’t be completed. Any elevator installed must meet current building code which requires that a gurney fit in it. Right now we do not have the space or the funds for an elevator of that size. Additionally, elevators are expensive to maintain so we would need to budget for that too.

Is there a plan for “when things fall apart?” Do we have a plan for if big donors are no longer donating for various reasons or the stock market takes a tumble? Do we have a back up plan?
This concern should be addressed by the Capital Campaign Committee, the Finance Committee, and the Board after meeting to discuss it.

Do we want to submit to the UUA to be a Breakthrough Congregation? A breakthrough congregation is one that the UUA honors for the innovative ways they are adapting to the changing religious landscape, it is not about growth. The congregations are profiled in UU World and are highlighted during General Assembly. The churches selected have filled out an application describing their achievements. Some of our achievements include: Welcome Table Wednesdays, and our Beloved Conversations had the biggest attendance than any other churches combined. We also had good success with Coming Into Connection, Kinship Circles, and we passed the 8th Principle.  I am sure there were others mentioned.
Under discussion – the application is due December 1 of each year and would be something to strongly consider for 2019.

Can we have absentee voting for Congregational meetings?
Discussion about having an aging congregation, some may find it hard to attend and it would be good to be able to vote on SOME issues that do not require discussion from the floor during these meetings. General Assembly allows for it, and do we have the ability to do live stream meetings?
The board charged a task force with revising the bylaws. One of the revisions would allow the Board to determine if and when early voting is appropriate and when remote voting (through Gotomeeting, e.g.) could occur. Any significant issue requiring discussion would not allow for early voting but could accommodate remote voting. If the bylaw revisions are adopted, the board will develop a policy for these two situations. Other considerations before implementing are volunteers, the level of technology, and funds required to make this happen.

Will there be another intern? We are very happy with the one we have now.
With Kim’s upcoming sabbatical and longer term staffing needs up for discussion, as well as the limited pool of available interns in our area, Kim has decided that we will not seek an intern for the upcoming church year and allocate the money to other strategic staffing needs.

When will Kim’s sabbatical occur? Will there be an assistant pastor to cover this time. We need to let the congregation know.
This is also under discussion as part of the staff planning and will be determined by the end of this church year. Once a decision has been made it will be shared with the congregation. One person will cover a portion of Rev. Kim’s responsibilities, prioritizing Sundays and pastoral care. Most ministers now take their 6-month sabbaticals split between two years, most often years 5 & 6. This is Rev. Kim’s 5th year at UUCWC.”

If you have any questions and cannot attend the regular board meetings on the second Wednesday of each month, you can attend the Board Chats that occur the second Sunday during the middle hour to have your voices heard and possibly get some answers to your questions.

Let us know what you think! We are YOUR board!

Nina Todor, Trustee
UUCWC Board of Trustees