Backpack Sponsors Needed for HomeFront Back-to-School Drive

Every year, many individuals and groups in our congregation have pledged to fill a backpack for a particular child with supplies, clothes and more. Last year we delivered 15 filled backpacks, purchased 6 Chromebooks and received $1,480 in donations to HomeFront! Your stuffed backpacks, computers and donations helped so many kids start a very tough school year off right.

This year we’ll do it again, with three choices for participation.  After you have signed up and received a child’s name and their list of requested back-to-school items, you can:

  • shop in person or online and fill a backpack with the items.
  • have someone do the shopping for you by choosing to donate money instead of a backpack: write a check to HomeFront (NOT UUCWC) but do write “UUCWC Back-to-School Drive” on the memo line and mail the check to the church
  • donate a Chromebook, tablet or MiFi (a small portable router that acts as a mobile hotspot for a computer).

Arrangements can be made to pick up your donation at your house or other location convenient to you.

The deadline is NOW! If you’d like to donate again this year, or for the first time, reach out to Pam Wallace (email in directory or contact the office) to get HomeFront’s general list of requested backpack supplies: you can see the list before committing if you’d like.


  • Sign-Up starts NOW
    Last day to sign up to donate a backpack for a specific child is July 14 (extension to July 20th possible on request)
  • If donating electronics or money for a backpack, the deadline is August 13 (or before!)
  • All donations must be received by August 13

Thank you for your support!