Annual Stewardship Campaign 2020 – 2021

Creating Community, Celebrating Life, and Changing the World

The UUCWC Stewardship Committee is pleased to announce that we kicked off our 2020-2021 Congregational Pledge Campaign on Sunday, February 9, and will continue through March.

Our Stewardship theme this year is focused on our mission, Creating Community, Celebrating Life, and Changing the World! Please stop by the Stewardship Committee table before or after services to pick up your pledge envelope if you haven’t yet done so. In it you’ll find a letter, a brochure describing what your pledges help support, and information about Phase 2 of the Capital Campaign.

Please note that Phase 2 of the Capital Campaign is kicking off at the same time. The Capital Campaign will include outreach to members who are new since the initial campaign as well as to those who have not yet pledged. Current Capital Campaign pledgers will be asked to consider extending their commitments for another two years or offering another one-time pledge. Because of this, the Pledge Form includes a section for Stewardship and Capital Campaign.

Why Give?

  • Your pledge helps us realize our mission of Creating Community, Celebrating Life, and Changing the World.
  • It supports our on-going activities, such as our musical accompanist and new assistant minister, Religious Education programs, building and grounds maintenance, coffee hour, and local and global outreach.
  • Your increase can help us expand our commitments and realize greater aspirations.

How much should I pledge?

  • We are asking you to consider a 10% or more increase in your pledge so we can continue growing our community with important investments to support our ambitions. See the brochure for examples of what your increases could help support.
  • Refer to the UUA suggested Fair Share Contribution Guide in the brochure to help you make this decision. You can also find this giving guide online:

How do I make my pledge?

  • Bring your completed form to church during the pledge campaign.
  • Mail your completed form to UUCWC
  • Complete an online form through the UUCWC website.


See the brochure that you received in your pledge envelope.
Ask a Stewardship Committee member or email

Information sessions

  • Sunday, March 8: Stewardship and Capital Project Updates after both services starting at 10:15am and 12:15pm
  • Sunday March 29: Capital Campaign Q&A, after both services starting at 10:15am and 12:15pm

We invite you to find your place in UUCWC’s present and in its future. Each one of us is an integral part of UUCWC’s foundation.

It’s is a privilege for us to lead this year’s Stewardship Campaign and we look forward to meeting and working with you in the coming months as together we build a vital and secure foundation for our beloved community.

The Stewardship Committee
Bob Alt, Joan McCloughan, Andrew Kidd, David Schumann, John Unger, Laura Wall