Allie’s Garden in the Second Year of Covid

by Al Johnson

Despite the HomeFront and Food Ministry programs still unable to use our produce, Allie’s Garden went full steam ahead growing fresh vegetables for the needy in our area. Our criteria for crop choice were: those that were relatively easy to grow, useable by soup kitchens, and harvestable in one day.

Butternut squash and carrots again were included, and this year we grew our first crop ever of sweet potatoes. It was a great help to have Susan and Rachel working in the office one day a week. They were called often to turn on the sprinkler. We appreciated their time and also that of Earth Ministry volunteers who watered when needed on weekends.

Although we lost our main source of compost from the UUCWC kitchen, the Grounds Committee crew has raked all leaves into the garden the last two years, providing much of our fertility needs. Many of you continue to deliver your home compostables to our church and we are thankful for your contributions.

Harvesting Carrots on a Fall Day

Although not as bountiful as 2020, this year we were able to harvest and deliver to the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen:

70# of carrots
50# of sweet potatoes
20# of butternut squash

We are already looking forward to our 2022 crop year. If you would like to help, contact