Dear Congregation,

As you might expect there is a lot going on at UUCWC behind the scenes in preparation for Rev. Kim’s four-month sabbatical of rediscovery which begins on December 25, 2019.

The Sabbatical Team has been meeting regularly with Kim to plan how to best support the congregation while she is away. The team consists of church leaders representing key committees at UUCWC and includes Marilyn Cichowski, a long-time member who has served on and chaired various committees over the years; Susan Colket, co-chair Right Relations; Scott Cullen, co-chair, Worship Associates; Scott Drew, Personnel Committee; Susan Irgang, Congregational Administrator and Jeff Lang, Board of Trustees.

We are honored to serve the congregation and are excited about the possibilities this period of rediscovery will bring to Rev. Kim. This is an opportunity for her to discover new sources of inspiration for enhancing her ministry and enriching the many gifts she brings to our congregation.

We anticipate this will be a period of rediscovery for the congregation as well, as we hear the words of the Rev. Sue Goodwin and the words of local UU ministers during the four months of Sundays while Kim is on leave. It will also be a time for many of us to rediscover and celebrate the strength of our lay leadership as most decisionmaking and responsibility will be shifted to the Sabbatical Team or our Board of Trustees. Sabbatical is an opportunity gifted to all of us to learn and grow.

You will be hearing more from us as we get closer to December 25. Something to look out for in December is a brochure with FAQs that should answer many of your questions regarding the logistics of how the congregation will operate and who to contact while Rev. Kim is on sabbatical. Additional information will also be posted on the UUCWC website. And of course, Rev. Kim will also be available to answer any questions you may have prior to starting her journey of rediscovery.

Please be assured that there is a plan in place to ensure everything runs smoothly in Kim’s absence. We expect it will be a fast four months between when the sabbatical begins on December 25, 2019 and when she returns to the pulpit on May 3, 2020.

The Sabbatical Team
Marilyn Cichowski, Susan Colket, Scott Cullen, Scott Drew,
Susan Irgang, Jeff Lang