Celebrate Beltane with 8 Sacred Circles at UUCWC May 1

Beltane, or May Day, is a time when we celebrate the warming and fertility of the Earth, a time to play and be at ease. We often celebrate the joyous holiday with flowers, games, and picnics outdoors.

On Monday, May 1 at UUCWC, Parker Cohen will lead 8 Sacred Circles’ celebration of Beltane and May Day. She will lead us in a night of wishes, stories, flowers, dancing, and drumming. Please bring any percussion instruments you have to liven the occasion.

Doors open at 7:15 and our celebration begins at 7:30. There is a brief orientation for newcomers beforehand. Afterward, we share fellowship, and those who are able are asked to bring a snack or drinks to share. For more information, please contact Mike or Heidi Dalzell or Penny Gardner at 8sacredcircles@uucwc.org.