Annual Giving 2015 – 2016

One Hundred Years of Gratitude for Our Spiritual Home

Annual Pledge Drive 2016
July 2015 – June 2016

The UUCWC Stewardship Committee is pleased to announce the 2015-2016 Congregational Pledge Campaign, One Hundred Years of Gratitude for our Spiritual Home, will begin on Stewardship Sunday, March 22, and continue through Sunday, April 12, the day of Rev. Kim’s Installation. The campaign is seeking to achieve 100% participation and raise the monies necessary to fully fund UUCWC’s 2015-2016 budget, which we estimate at this point will reach about $450,000.

Our Theme

Whether UUCWC provides you with a sense of community, a forum for social action, personal comfort, worship, educational or support groups, and/or a place for renewal, it is first and foremost our spiritual home.  UUCWC provides a haven for:

  • Theists, atheists, LGBTQ individuals, free thinkers, and other folks who are marginalized by the larger world.
  • Children seeking to explore their own sense of religious awe and wonder in a non-judgmental, loving and supportive place.
  • You, because you are accepted as who you are right now, and encouraged to continue your journey to become the person you want to be.

Because we are in a financially healthy place right now, the Board of Trustees was able to vote to give the entire plate from Selma Sunday to the Unitarian Universalist Association’s James Reeb Fund for Multicultural Ministries and Leadership.  If we are financially healthy:

  • We are able to pay for the Our Whole Lives curricula that creates sexually healthy and educated young people and Adult Religious Exploration materials that offer spiritual deepening and connection.
  • We are able to pay for our parking lot to be cleared on snowy Sundays and then meet for worship, heat and cool and maintain our building.
  • We as a congregation are able to “tithe” to the outer world – giving financial support to our denomination’s programs and to our Food Ministry, to the UU Legislative Ministry of New Jersey, to help fund future trips to rallies, and to our upcoming church-wide social justice initiative.

In our giving, we express gratitude for what UUCWC has given to each of us and the greater community, and what we will build in the future to nurture our spiritual home.  We have initiated a new membership development program, Roots and Wings, designed to educate newcomers about our faith tradition and welcome them into our community and congregation.

And in keeping with our theme, we will be celebrating our Centennial beginning in September and continuing through our hundredth birthday in April 2016.  We will have some very special celebrations and commemorations of our church, congregation and outside community organizations we serve and support.

What shall I pledge?

It takes money to sustain our church and its mission to create community, celebrate life, and change the world.  In simple terms, it takes about $2,000 per household to cover annual operations.  This includes our mortgage, utilities, maintenance, staffing, fees, denominational support, insurance and other expenses normal and emergent as they arise during the year.  While ever aware of individual and family circumstances that affect the ability to financially support us, we are suggesting 2.5% of income as a general guideline when considering your pledge to sustain our community and spiritual home.

How do I make my pledge?

We are blessed to have the dedication and commitment of a core of ten hard-working and enthusiastic members, including Pam Shadzik, Bernie Ruekgauer, Mike Hanson, Tony Panzetta, Marilyn Cichowski, Joe Schenk, Marty Friedman, Bud Johnson, Lori O’Neil and Lou Csabay. Supplementing the team are strong and experienced advisors including Lynne Quinto, George Faulkner, Jim Sanders and Jim Erb.  The team will be reaching out to congregants in a number of ways over the next few weeks.

Beginning on Stewardship Sunday, March 22, and for the following three Sundays, tables will be set-up in the foyer and Crossings Room.  The tables will be staffed by committee members who can assist you in the pledge process.  If you pledged in the past year, an envelope containing your pledge form along with the amount of last year’s pledge will be available. Those pledging for the first time can pick up a form and drop it off in boxes conveniently provided at the tables.  Click here to complete your pledge form on-line, or download a pledge form (word or pdf). You may then pay your pledge on a monthly or quarterly basis, in a lump-sum, or in whatever manner best works for you.

What will I receive in exchange for my pledge?

In addition to having a spiritual home and supporting its mission, you will also receive:

  • A chance to live out your UU values, and the feeling of peace and contentment this affords.
  • Knowing that your giving matters and that ALL of our UU friends, staff and leaders are grateful for YOUR generosity.
  • A feeling of total accomplishment, knowing that through you and the UUCWC community, our spiritual home will continue to flourish for another hundred years.

Questions?  Contact Lou Csabay at or 215-321-1963.

Thank you!
The Stewardship Committee

Pledge Form 2015-2016

100 Years of Gratitude for Our Spiritual Home

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Questions about pledging? Contact Lou Csabay.