Annual Giving 2014 – 2015

Commit to Our Journey

Annual Pledge Drive 2015
July 2014 – June 2015

Our success will only be limited by not appreciating where we are:

  • Completing a well-conceived Transition that has examined and clarified our purposes
  • Poised to choose and welcome a new minister in May 2014 for the first time in fifteen years
  • Approaching 100 years of continuous presence as a liberal religious community

Our goal is a 10% increase in pledge income.  The Board of Trustees set this goal and its members have already personally pledged.

  • The Transition has been a success:  Thanks to the skilled guidance of Reverend Jennifer Brooks,
  • We have refinanced our mortgage and placed $75,000 in our Building Reserve Fund
  • We have replaced our heating and cooling system and lighting with new more efficient systems
  • Our Facilities Management Team has renovated the Crossings Room, renewed and improved our classrooms, and we have hired a Sexton to maintain and improve our building
  • We have resurfaced our drive and parking area; our grounds are well-cared for and full of life
  • Our social action and community service efforts for equality and social justice continue to function with great enthusiasm
  • Our religious education programs serve more children and families
  • We have begun to address the community’s wishes expressed in the carefully developed Five-Year Plan
  • We are reviewing our organization as a community and working to make lines of responsibility intelligible
  • The Search Committee has developed a compelling portrait of our community to attract the best ministerial candidates

Pledge to welcome our new minister and begin the fiscal year with a fully funded budget!

The Search Committee will soon be identifying candidates who’ve expressed interest in us; at January’s end, three or four candidates will have been selected.  In February, our Search Committee will be visiting candidates’ Sunday services at neutral sites, and by March 15 they will have selected a candidate for our approval.

This pledge campaign opens February 2nd and concludes on the 28th.  The Board, the Search Committee and the Council will have already pledged by then and you, too, are invited to pledge early.

Our pledging for 2015 will be the best indication of our vitality as a community. 

Questions?  Contact Lou Csabay at or 215-321-1963.

Thank you!
The Stewardship Committee


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Questions about pledging? Contact Jim Erb, Regina Podhorin Zilinski or Bill Cox.