Did you know that UUCWC hosts monthly neighborhood potlucks for members and friends? Currently there are five formed groups: Up the River, Newtown, Titusville, Yardley and Lawrenceville area potluck. Because of our growing community, not everyone has been invited to a neighborhood potluck – we hope to change that soon!

A neighborhood potluck is an opportunity for fellowship — to get to know others in the UUCWC community who live in your area or neighborhood. These purely social events let people share good food and good conversation. Potlucks are typically held in the home of a UUCWC member. You don’t need to host a potluck to participate in one! Each neighborhood potluck is different: some are more casual than others, some are held at regular times while others vary, some are kid-friendly while others are attended by adults only.

Here are a couple of things you should know:

  1. We are looking for neighborhood potluck coordinators for the following areas: Hopewell Valley, Washington Crossing, and Ewing. A neighborhood potluck coordinator will email members and friends in their area, help schedule monthly potlucks via email, and send out reminder emails to group members.
  2. If you are NOT connected to a potluck but are interested in joining one in your area, please email the office at uucwc@uucwc.org expressing your interest. Below there is a brief description of each potluck to give you a sense of each group.
  3. If you ARE connected to a potluck (i.e. receiving invitations) and would like to either change groups (no one will be offended!) or join an additional group (you can be a part of more than one), please email the neighborhood potluck coordinator or the office.

Currently neighborhood potluck groups are not meeting in person but to find out more, contact information is below:

Hopewell/Pennington Area
Coordinator: Keelan Evanini
Held 2nd Saturday of the month
Informal and kid-friendly

Up the River (Lambertville/New Hope)
Coordinator: Linda Vogt
Held on 3rd Sundays of the month
Informal and kid-friendly

Lawrenceville Area
Coordinator: Mary McKillip
Held last Sunday of the month
Informal and kid-friendly

Newtown Area
Coordinator: Barbara Drew
Held 2nd or 3rd Saturday
Adults-only and sit-down dinners

Titusville (Ewing & Titusville)
Coordinator: Melo Holstein
Dates vary month to month
Informal and typically adults-only

Yardley Area
Held 3rd Saturdays
Informal and typically adults-only