UUCWC Hires New Controller

UUCWC is pleased to announce that the new Part-Time Controller position, a new staff position at the recommendation of the Audit Team and with Board approval, has been filled by former UUCWC member Lynne Quinto. Lynne presented as the best candidate after numerous interviews due to her extensive background in bookkeeping and finance. She previously held volunteer posts at UUCWC both as Finance Committee Chair for 4 years then as hands-on Board Treasurer for 4 years.  Additionally, Lynne has 15 years experience as an Office Manager/Bookkeeper for another firm, and brings to this new position both the needed skills as well as an excellent understanding of our unique organizational needs and operations. This will allow for a smooth transfer from a volunteer bookkeeper/Assistant Treasurer roles to a professional staff Controller position.

Lynne officially joins staff on March 1 as a remote worker from Maryland. We are confident that we will be able to create sustainable and healthy systems for the onsite work as well. We welcome Lynne and acknowledge the change in relationship from member to staff at UUCWC. We also offer our gratitude to Mary Baltycki for her time and talents in doing performing as Assistant Treasurer for the last year, testing the new responsibilities and role of Controller to usher in this transition.