UUCWC Continues To Be Generous

by Steve Saddlemire, Faith Expression and Funding Team of the Council for Faith and Action

Last Spring when everyone became aware of the “Coronavirus thing”, the expectation was that by mid-summer it would all be over. Summer turned into fall and now as we enter a new year, we are battling the worst surge of this pandemic. While we all see the light at the end of the long tunnel, the reality is that people are suffering even more and will continue to do so. Along with the health consequences of the pandemic, unemployment and food insecurity has exploded and continues to have the greatest impact on our regional population.

To alleviate some of the suffering, the Council for Faith in Action’s (CFA) Faith Expression and Funding Team (FEFT), continues to be moved at the generosity of this community. 50% of each plate (less pledges) goes to those in need within the PA/NJ region. While food insecurity is at the top of our list currently, through YOUR bounty, we can support others in need too.

What a wonderful feeling to be able to ‘spend’ money and contribute to so many worthy causes. Here is a summary of where your money has gone September-December 2020:

$1,000 — Fisherman’s Mark (Lambertville) : Food Ministry serving NJ/PA, https://www.fishermansmark.org/
$1,000 –Caring for Friends (Bucks County): Food and support for shut-ins. https://caringforfriends.org/
$750–Urban Promise (Trenton): Aids is equipping children and young adults with skills to be successful in the world. Assisting disadvantaged populations with critical needs. https://www.urbanpromisetrenton.org/about/
$750–VITA Education Services (Bucks County) serving unemployed, underemployed, uneducated adults and criminal justice. ESL instruction. https://vitaeducation.org/ $500–Friends NJ/NY Bail Fund-immigration. https://firstfriendsnjny.org/bond-fund/

FEFT, in conjunction with the FOOD MINISTRY, will be meeting with the Bucks County Opportunity Council (BCOC) to determine if there are other synergies with regards to work in the food insecurity area. This group received monies from us last year. BCOC oversees 40 food pantries in Bucks County.

FEFT welcomes UUCWC member suggestions for organizations to support. Requests for considerations can be made emailing: https://www.uucwc.org/council-for-faith-in-action-funding-request-form/

FEFT will continue to explore opportunities to address food insecurity and we welcome any suggestions from the congregation. If you are interested in helping to determine who could use our help, we encourage you to attend a FEFT meeting. Email Faithfunding@uucwc.org for more info.