UUA General Assembly Adopts Article II: Love at the Center

From Rev. Kim:

Friends, it has just been announced that, after years of discernment, listening and amending, the general assembly of Unitarian Universalists voted overwhelmingly to evolve the articulation of our living tradition. Article II, where the 7 Principles were listed in our bylaws, now centers Love through 7 Values. Unitarian Universalism now unequivocally puts Love at the center of our values, actions and hope.

Before this announcement was made, we gathered to hear the wise and beautiful words of the Rev. Dr. Molly Housh Gordon. She reminded us that being woven together is not always easy but… Is. And thank goodness, even when it’s hard or sticky, all of it makes us whole.

However this news meets your hopes or concerns, I pray we say yes to the weaving and the being woven. And, as another wise colleague said to the congregation they serve: I don’t know the specific numerical breakdown at [UUCWC], but if our congregation reflects the national pattern, eight out of every ten of us supports this change. The two out of ten of us who don’t might be struggling as they read this news. All ten belong at UUCWC.

With love and gratitude,
Rev Kim

Read more here: https://www.uuworld.org/…/uua-article-ii-passes-general…

Image by Nancy Webster, chalicedays.org