Thank You UUCWC Leadership

On behalf of the Nominating Committee and the entire Congregation, I would like to congratulate and thank the leadership of UUCWC.
Sandy Muccioli
Nominating Committee Chair

Slate of Leadership for 2019-2020
Nominees Unanimously Elected by the Congregation

Board of Trustees (2-year term except as noted)
Board President – Nathalie Edmond (currently serving as Vice President)
Board Treasurer – Patrick Kahney (currently serving as trustee)
Board Trustee – Jeffrey Lang
Board Trustee – Sue Saddlemire
Board Trustee – Jim Sanders
Board Trustee – Marianne Alt (1-year term to balance term cycles)
(Continuing as trustees – Dianne Ross, Nina Todor, John Ueng-McHale)

Leaders beginning positions on Standing Committees

Endowment (3-year term except as noted)
Bonnie Gilbert, co-chair
Janet Hubbard, co-chair
Maria Baratta (1 year to fill vacancy with option for an additional 3 year term)
Meghan Horn
(Continuing – Bonnie Gilbert, Janet Hubbard, Pete Rafle, members)

Finance Committee (2-year term)
Mary Baltycki

Nominating Committee (2-year term)
Nancy Cox
Colleen Horn
Nick Mellis (1 year term to complete vacancy)
(Continuing – Sandy Muccioli, chair, Terry Caton, member)

Personnel Committee will be piloting a cooperative team leadership model in 2019-2020. Team members include:
Scott Drew
Judy Lindenberger
Lynne Quinto
Joe Schenk

Affirmation of New Leaders in Ministries, Teams and Task Forces and Shared Leadership

Adult Religious Education (ARE) – Jennifer Ciccolini, Susan Colket, Peter Doyle, Mike Gianetta, Sue Saddlemire (shared leadership)
Assistant Minister Search Committee – Maria Baratta, Jef Buehler, Michelle Hunt, Scott Umlauf
Community Building – Colleen Horn & Meghan Horn
Denominational Affairs – Holly Bussey (to fill vacancy)
Fundraising – Wendy Stasolla
Ministerial Sabbatical Committee – Marilyn Cichowski, Susan Colket, Scott Cullen, Scott Drew
Racial Justice Initiative – in active recruitment
Right Relations Committee – Susan Colket, co-chair (additional co-chair and two members in active recruitment)
Stewardship – Bob Alt, Andrew Kidd, Joan McCloughan, David Schumann, John Unger (shared leadership)
Worship Associates – Scott Cullen & Bay Waltman

Additional Leadership Acknowledgements

Thank you to Leaders ending their service

Board of Trustees – Ed Dobrowolski, Lynne Quinto, Colin Unsworth; Marianne Alt (ending service as Board President)
Bylaws Task Force – Marty Friedman, Mike Hanson, Bernice Husk, Colleen McCourt, Regina Zilinski (shared leadership)
Community Building – Janessa & Ed Urwin
Endowment Committee – Jim Erb
Finance Committee – Joe Schenk
Fundraising – Donna Miller
Journey Toward Wholeness Library – Jim Bicksler & Mary Kay Mitchell
Memorial Garden – Bernie Ruekgauer
Racial Justice Initiative – Mary McKillip
Right Relations Committee – Karen DiGeorgio & Chris Marietti
Stewardship – Lori Hoppmann
Worship Associates – Dave Anderson & Michele Ruopp

Thank you to our Current and Continuing Leaders

Archives – Parker Cohen
Auction – Connie Schofer and Lynda Shapiro
Building – Mary Acciani & George Faulkner
Capital Campaign Task Force – Jayme Trott & Susan Vigilante
Council for Faith in Action – Mike Wilson
Earth Ministry – Barbara Drew & Al Johnson
Faith Action Ministry – Jamie Evanini & Barbara Jensen
Food Ministry – Mike Muccioli
Grounds – Steve Saddlemire & Scott Drew
HomeFront – Sarah Burke & Michelle Meinhart
Kinship Circles – Kevyn Malloy & Tony Panzetta
Membership Ministry – Holly Bussey
Nominating Committee – Sandy Muccioli
Pastoral Care Ministry – Pat Czerwonka & Denny Rodgers
Potluck Coordinators – Barbara Drew, Keelan Evanini, Charlie Groth, Melo Holstein, Juliet Marlier, Mary McKillip
Safety Team – Ronnie Dobrowolski
Sound Team – John Harvi

We acknowledge the abundance of talented and dedicated leaders within our congregation, and recognize them for their service to this congregation in leadership positions. We apologize in advance if we inadvertently have not named one of our valued leaders.

We thank all of our leaders for their time and thoughtful contributions to our faith community. Without their willingness to serve the Unitarian Universalist Church at Washington Crossing in these roles, much of the work we do both within our congregation and outside in our communities could not be accomplished.