That the Children of Our Children’s Children May Live: The Crisis at the Border

What if we remember that our politics and policies must remain a reflection of humanity? Rev. Karen G. Johnston visited the border in Arizona at the end of January, along with about two dozen UU ministers. Come take part in this sermon that mixes poetry and reflections on very harsh realities, as well as reveals some heroic people and efforts.

Heather Ransome will be offering music.

Reverend Karen G. Johnston is the settled minister at The Unitarian Society in East Brunswick, NJ. She is a member of the board of UU FaithAction NJ, as well as member of the Beyond the Call 3 cohort of ministers growing and grounding prophetic ministry. The sermon she is delivering for us was chosen to receive the Dana Greeley Prize from the UU Office at the United Nations.

June’s Theme: Beauty
Where do you look for beauty? There is universal agreement that we all must make time to visit museums and sit before stunning sunsets. But seeking beauty there is not enough. Every religion agrees: The secret to encountering spiritual beauty is to visit and observe the unlikely places. Indeed, one could argue that this is the job of religion. It exists to teach us and to help us observe beauty in the less noticed places.