Letting Go of the “Son of God”

Kicking off the theme of “Letting Go” for July, three UUs will share how they found Jesus’ teachings and life more relevant to them today once they were able to let go of the belief in his divinity and experience his full humanity and revolutionary lessons and unconditional love, with thoughts by Bishop John Shelby Spong, Dietrich Bonhoeffer and others. Steve Ryan and Caryl Tipton will provide music.

July Theme: Letting Go

“When cast into the depths, to survive, we must first let go of things that will not save us. Then we must reach out for the things that can.” — Rev. Forrest Church

Letting go must be followed up by reaching out. Or maybe it’s better to say opening up. Indeed, the tragedy of grasping so tightly is not simply that we anchor ourselves to that which burdens us, but that we end up shutting out that which is trying to save and feed us. Letting go is ultimately about letting in. It’s really about making room.