Senator Shirley Turner to Speak at UUCWC 3/11/23

Join UUCWC’s Faith Action Ministry and Represent.Us as we welcome Senator Shirley Turner to UUCWC as she speaks about ending the county line ballot and ranked choice voting bills.

Help get Sen. Turner’s bills — Ending the County Line for NJ’s primaries (S3546) and Supporting Instant Runoffs/RCV in local elections (S267) — out of committee and onto the floor for votes! Hear the Senator’s talk, join the Q&A, and let your member of the State Senate and General Assembly know you’re on-board.

Our commitment to social justice and democratic reform manifests itself through effective legislation and public advocacy. This event is sponsored by the Faith Action Ministry of the Unitarian Universalist Church at Washington Crossing , Titusville, NJ.

This is a free event offered in-person and online.

Register in advance here for in person attendance. 

Register in advance here for online attendance.