RJI Praxis Group Update – March 2018

by Dan Tuft, Co-Chair, Racial Justice Initiative

3. Interfaith/Intercongregational Partnership. The congregation cultivates cultural and spiritual humility, develops deep and mutually-fulfilling partnerships with other faith communities and coalitions working for racial justice.

The above assessment point was the focus of our January 2018 Praxis Group meeting. While UUCWC supports groups such as UU Faith Action NJ (formerly UU Legislative Ministry NJ) and some individual members participate at a high level in the organization, as a church community having ‘deep and mutually-fulfilling partnerships’ with other faith groups and coalitions does not currently describe where we are. We historically commit on an individual basis, but not so much as an entire church community.

Cultivating ‘cultural and spiritual humility’ as a congregation would enable us to be prepared for these types of partnerships, in fact it will be a prerequisite. The Praxis Group felt that we are not at this point yet as a church.

The group felt that we would like, as a congregation, to move towards thinking that we are not spiritually whole or something vital is missing by us not being connected to other congregations and groups working for racial justice.

During the month of March/April there are opportunities to grow in this area of praxis– participate, learn and act including:

  • March 18—Discussion/FAQ related to the 8th Principle and the upcoming vote in June at the annual meeting–12:30pm; Sanctuary
  • March 23—RJI Film Night 7pm, “The Story We Tell” Part 3 of 3; Come early for pizza
  • March 24 [Update – Postponed]—Workshop: How to Raise Anti-Racist White Children; register here
  • March 26–RJI Study Group meets fourth Monday for either book or movie discussion
  • April 8, 15, 22—Opportunities to participate in small sharing/listening groups focused on the upcoming vote on UUCWC adopting the 8th Principle (www.8thprincipleuu.org) in the Sanctuary at 12:30pm; facilitated by the Right Relations Committee with assistance from Racial Justice Initiative participants

Thanks for your participation and commitment—comments? Email us: racialjustice@uucwc.org.