Religion in Life: Girls “class” running again, starting November 10!

by Charlie Groth

“Religion in Life: Girls” (RIL) is the UUA religious award program designed for Girl Scouts at the younger girl (4th through 8th grade) and older girl (7th through 12th grade) levels. Any girl in grades 4 through 12, whether or not she’s a registered Girl Scout or even a UU, can complete the RIL program, earn the medal, and participate in RILA (the Religion in Life Alumnae). She can complete this program individually, with a friend or two, or as part of a “class.” All she needs is the booklet that’s available on-line and an adult UU to serve as an advisor. Here at UUCWC, we run a “class” every two to three years to make the program easier and more fun to complete: all the girls doing the program meet together for a meal and check-in, and then do the program together, splitting up some of the homework (it’s not hard!) as they go.

This fall, we will begin a new session for girls in grades 4 through 12 (or the equivalent, in the case of homeschoolers), starting on November 10 and lasting for about 6 months. Girls doing the Older Girl program will meet every 2nd Sunday after church from about 12:30 to 2pm, and girls in the Younger Girl program are scheduled for 2nd and 4th Sundays after church at the same time. Occasionally there will be other activities, such as the annual reunion sleepover (when the young women alums come back to join us), field trips, and/or extra catch-up days (like when the younger girls lose their meeting to end-of-the-month winter holidays). This schedule is designed so that youth groupers can easily participate in both events and all the girls meet together once each month.

RIL costs are kept low or no cost by bringing bag lunches, pot lucking snacks and other resources, and/or pooling $3/girl for pizza. The group advisors are Sarah Burke, Michele Downie, Charlie Groth, and Karen Kent.

Wondering which program your girl should do? Typically, girls in grades 7 and 8 take into account which class their friends are taking and whether they are likely to want to do both programs eventually. If you are unsure, please contact Charlie Groth. Think your girl may be ready to go? For more information about RIL or RILA or to join the class, please contact Charlie Groth.

A final NOTE: While the new RIL class is going on, RILA (the Religion in Life Alumnae) will not meet separately, but will still hold the annual all-church caroling party and invite the RIL class to the annual RILA reunion sleepover in January.