Have you Noticed? Little Things Can Make a Difference!

While big changes to UUCWC’s facilities understandably get the most attention, often it’s the little things that go unnoticed that can make a difference. See if you noticed these small improvements at UUCWC over the past few months:

  • Special window film has been applied to west facing windows in the Sanctuary, thanks to an Endowment grant requested by Earth Ministry. This film will improve energy efficiency and also help prevent fading of the chairs and carpet in the Sanctuary.
  • With a portion of funds raised by Earth Ministry and the balance from our building maintenance fund, a new, more energy efficient stove was at last installed in the kitchen this month. The new pilotless ignition range has reduced the temperature in the kitchen by 12-14 degrees, much to the delight of our Food Ministry and HomeFront meal prep volunteers.
  • The Crossings Room floor has been refinished and new floor protectors have been put on table legs to minimize scuffs. A new mat under the plants will also help maintain the floors.
  • A new video doorbell was installed improving security in the church.
  • The plaque with engraved plates honoring those interred in the Memorial Garden was installed.
  • The carpets in lobby and Sanctuary were shampooed for the new year.
  • A new bulletin board was installed in lobby with staff pictures and hours.
  • In the office, on the shelves outside the Minister’s office are baskets of commonly needed office supplies for committees, teams and others doing work at the church: tape, staples, paper clips, etc. are in the baskets marked “public supplies”.
  • On the mail console in the office are forms for Facilities Work Requests: if you see a need for a repair or attention, you can email the office at uucwc@uucwc.org or complete one of these request forms and leave it in the office administrator inbox for scheduling with the sexton, Building Committee or Grounds Committee as needed.
  • A new white board sign in the lobby let’s folks know what is happening at Sunday’s Middle Hour and during the week serves as a wayfaring sign for the church building.
  • The final touch on the upstairs restroom renovations was completed with the installation of better lighting.

There’s more on the way, too. Hint: look in the Crossings Room on the wall by the Social Justice gallery for a preview of what is happening in that space; details when the project is completed! Thanks to all the member groups of the Facilities Management Team – Building, Grounds, Earth Ministry, Memorial Garden, Safety, Sound, Kitchen Operations and Technology – for all their contributions both big and small. They are all appreciated!

Susan Irgang
Facilities Management Team Leader