Global Climate Strike on Sept 20th

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As UUs, we know that all that exists is part of an interdependent web. What we do matters. We must show up for each other now and show the critical urgency of demanding action on climate change. If not you, then who? If not now, when? To show support for a more sustainable world, UUCWC’s Earth Ministry Team will participate in this action and we’re inviting you to #StrikeWithUs. UUA, Side with Love and UU Ministry for the Earth are partners with the Global Climate Strike. Sign up here for the Sept. 20th Global Climate Strike and Week of Action by locating an event near you and you will be in touch with local organizers. In accordance with the General Assembly affirmation for action, UUA President Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray will be marching with UUs and thousands of others in New York City. Contact UUCWC’s Earth Ministry: