What White People Can Do About Racism Workshop

UUCWC’s Racial Justice Initiative (RJI) and the Council for Faith in Action (CFA), in collaboration with the Center for the Study of White American Culture, are hosting a workshop at UUCWC, What White People Can Do about Racism.

United States society is historically and presently structured by race. White people have a privileged position within that structure. Many white people understand this implicitly and are uncomfortable with the inherent unfairness, but do not know what to do about it. This workshop is intended to give white people some basic knowledge about:

  • Racial structure
  • Building connections and cross-racial alliances
  • Finding direction on your journey as an effective change agent
  • Building a personal support network for the work you do

Download the flyer for more information about the workshop.

There is a maximum of 21 participants for the workshop so register early. Registration is only open to UUCWC until September 16th, and then it opens to the general public. Another workshop on a related topic will be offered on Saturday, November 4th, 2017.

Registration Information: The registration fee is $95 per participant and covers all materials and lunch; attendees will also receive a book. The Racial Justice Initiative and the Council for Faith in Action are offering an option to pay a portion of the registration fee bringing the cost down to $60 for each workshop. If you wish to take advantage of this support, please enter Promo Code RJIRATE when you register for the workshop. Scholarships are also available; please contact Sallie Dunner if you are interested in this option.  Register here.

Founded in 1995, the Center for the Study of White American Culture, Inc. (CSWAC) is a multiracial organization and a New Jersey nonprofit corporation. The governing Board of Trustees of CSWAC and the people who work with CSWAC are a multiracial group of educators and practitioners. Together they bring to CSWAC a collective body of knowledge and experience in theoretical and applied social science, social justice, race and ethnicity, and organizational training and development. Our mission is to build an equitable society in the United States by decentering white culture and centering an anti-racist multiracial culture free of white supremacy.