White Accountability and Organizing Workshop

White Accountability and Organizing Workshop
Center for the Study of White American Culture

Workshop is FREE for participants
thanks to a generous grant from the UUCWC Endowment Fund
Lunch will be provided

White Accountability and Organizing examines how white people who want to work against racism will be more
effective in their actions if they understand how to work in a framework of accountable relationship with people of color.

The workshop has been created for people who identify as white and touches on several topics, including:

  • the ally model and where accountability fits in
  • levels of accountability – personal, work group, institution/organization
  • who are we accountable to
  • accountability principles
  • ways to be not accountable
  • consequences of unaccountable behavior
  • white cultural practices
  • accountability statements
  • contradictions and keeping it real
  • personal accountability networks

We would love to have you attend this workshop, please RSVP by September 21 to racialjustice@uucwc.org.

Let us know if you need childcare to be able to attend this event.