What You Didn’t Know About One Another: We Brought It to You in Crossings

We told our stories.

How the Food Ministry brings UUCWC’s mission to the streets.
Why participation in the Moral March was part of our fabric.
What we notice in HomeFront kids when they care for Allie’s Garden.

Over three years, Crossings magazine told the stories of our congregation. In all, 24 stories — as told through the words of our own members, captured by five brilliant photographers, and shaped by eight talented writers — brought us into the lives of people we sit with every Sunday. People who exemplified Unitarian Universalism’s Seven Principles within and beyond our walls. People who never ceased to amaze me, only because I thought I knew them before I read about them in Crossings.

Why two of our members ride hundreds of miles for Anchor House.
How one youth member’s service improved the lives of people thousands of miles away.
What motivates our members to volunteer at the Morrisville Food Center.

Crossings was an ambitious effort to show our fast-growing congregation and the outside world what makes us tick — individually and as a community. Our eleven editorial board members, led by Rich DiGeorgio, met regularly to brainstorm about story ideas. Each writer spent weeks gathering information, interviewing members, and crafting their pieces. Lori O’Neil, our graphic artist, worked magic bringing those stories to life on the printed page. I worked closely with all of them to bring you, dear reader, a compelling window into the world of our fellow congregants. We heard from UU congregations around the country who marveled at, and sometimes envied, the depth and professionalism of the E-zine we put to bed three times a year.

One member’s passion for making a difference in impoverished communities.
Several members who see positive change through their work with inmates.
An entire congregation’s courage in becoming a Welcoming Congregation.

A recent Communications Ministry reader survey revealed that relatively few people had the time to read Crossings. Recognizing that the volunteer time and effort spent producing Crossings could be rechanneled to other pursuits that — like Crossings — furthered UUCWC’s mission, Communications has decided that our last issue of Crossings would be our final issue. I am in deep gratitude to the 25 people who made Crossings “go” and to Rev. Kim and all who publicly cheered us on.

If you haven’t been able to see what we accomplished over the last 3 years, click the links below. You’ll be amazed at the stories we can tell.

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Michael D. Dalzell
Communications Ministry Team