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Prayer for the Women’s March on NJ

Rev. Kim Wildszewski

On Saturday, January 21st, millions of women, men and children gathered for the Women’s March in cities around the world. I was honored and humbled to offer the opening prayer at the march in Trenton.

Will you please join me in the spirit of prayer, meditation, or open hearted contemplation.

Holy and beautiful is the day which brings us together.
Here we have gathered – a bold and ready collective, to have our power known.

Power that is as ancient as it is strong,
In the birth of babes, to the tables we set,
in board rooms, in pulpits, in and out of closets, in fields.
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Robin Pugh, Director of Lifespan Religious Education, can be reached at dre@uucwc.org. Please contact her to volunteer to help teach a children’s religious education class, or if you want more information about UUCWC’s Adult and Children’s Religious Education programs.

Launching Our New Website

Mary Lou Dahms, Chair, Communications Committee
Michael Dalzell, Secretary, UUCWC Board of Trustees

We are pleased (and relieved) to announce that the new UUCWC website was just launched. The Communications Committee has worked hard for more than a year to maintain the current website while simultaneously working with church staff, lay leaders, and members to develop content for the new site.

Based on a template provided by the UUA, the new website offers a more graphically rich and inviting home page, with simpler navigation and menus that make it easier to find the information you need. Internal pages integrate content more intuitively.  Read more…

What does it mean to be an ally in our fight against racial injustices?

by Nathalie Edmond, Racial Justice Initiative Co-leader and member of the Council for Faith in Action

I sense that 2016 was an awakening for many people in terms of how much work still needs to be done regarding racial justice. In 2016 the Racial Justice Project at UUCWC transitioned to the Racial Justice Initiative acknowledging the ongoing commitment the church has towards advocating for justice and equity. What does it mean to be an ally in our fight against racial injustices? I read that an “ally” is someone from a “majority” group who works to fight against oppression in their personal life and is an advocate for an oppressed group. Becoming an ally takes time and is a process of self-discovery and awareness which often needs to precede action.   Read more…

UUCWC Mid-Year Finance Update

Joe Schenk, Chair, Finance Committee
Lynne Quinto, Treasurer

UUCWC continues to build its strong financial position through solid dedication, generosity and stewardship. We are tracking very similarly to last year with some expenses coming earlier in the year but still very much on budget with a modest surplus. Our reserves remain strong with approximately 4.5 months of expenses on hand and we hold funds for projects in escrow including building maintenance which we are funding responsibly. It is with great joy that we enter 2017 on sound financial footing as we plan for the years to come!  Read more…

Exploring the Diversity and Spiritualty Connection

By Angelo John Lewis, a friend of UUCWC and co-founder of the Diversity and Spirituality Network

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Special Event at UUCWC

February 4, 2017

The Diversity and Spirituality Network invites you to participate in its inaugural one-day Experiential Exploration, The Things We Don’t Tell Each Other, on February 4th at UUCWC. See the flyer on the bulletin board downstairs, or download it here, for registration information.

Reflections on The Summer Day on New Year’s Day

Scott Cullen, Worship Associate

You start with a poem, The Summer Day, from Rev. Kim’s go-to poet, Mary Oliver. Then you ask nine members of the congregation from age 10 to age 90 to reflect on the question posed by Oliver at the end of the poem, and the result is a magical and memorable New Year’s Day service.  Read their reflections…

Chili Cookoff
Sunday, Feb 5 at 12noon

The Community Building Ministry is calling all chefs and tasting connoisseurs for the 1st Annual Chili Cookoff. Bring your best chili recipe in your crockpot to plug in before the 11am service. Following the second service, everyone can come, taste and vote on their favorite chili with a dollar. Proceeds to be split between UUCWC’s social justive initatives and the puchase of a grill for the church. We’ll provide the corn bread. Participants need to register by emailing community@uucwc.org.

Racial Justice Book Group
February 13 at 7:00pm

The book is the UUA’s Common Read, The Third Reconstruction: Moral Mondays, Fusion Politics, and the Rise of a New Justice Movement, by Reverend William J. Barber. Please contact Michele Ruopp if you plan to attend. Future book group dates are May 18, Sept 11, and Nov 13.

Try UUMAC This Summer!
Come to UUMAC for a community experience like no other, with UUs from Mid-Atlantic states on a beautiful campus outside Philadelphia.
For info or to register, see www.uumac.org.

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