Capital Campaign Kicks Off on March 4th!


The UUCWC Board of Trustees has approved moving ahead with a Capital Campaign with a stretch goal of $1.1 million. Given that we are embarking on a capital campaign and it will soon be time for our annual stewardship drive, we will be running the two campaigns together. This should allow everyone to take a more holistic view of their financial commitment to UUCWC.

So what does this mean for you?

We encourage you to give thoughtful consideration FIRST to your annual stewardship pledge, as these funds keep the church engine running. Our hope is that, at a minimum, you will continue your current annual pledge. However, if you are able, we would be thrilled to see you increase your pledge by 3-5% to address rising costs.

Once you are comfortable with your annual stewardship pledge, we then ask you to identify other resources available to you to help fund a capital campaign contribution, which we see as a once in a generation opportunity to sustain and ensure the continuing growth of the church, its mission and ministries. Every gift is important and appreciated and can be extended over as long as a 5-year period!

Join in the excitement as we kick off the campaign on March 4th!


Jayme Trott and Susan Vigilante
Capital Campaign Co-chairs

Lori Hoppmann
Stewardship Committee Chair