Auction 2022: ‘Sing into Spring’ and We’re Still Singing!

While the Online Auction ended Saturday, May 7th at midnight, the benefits of the auction keep on going! Our 3rd online auction, Sing into Spring, resulted in over $37,000 in funds raised (gross proceeds), with net proceeds exceeding our targeted budget.  For the 4th year, pursuant to a congregational vote in 2018, UUCWC is able to donate a significant sum to a social justice organization in our area.  This year’s designated organization, selected by the Council for Faith in Action, is UrbanPromise Trenton, whose mission is to support children and youth in the Trenton area with life skills, academic achievement, and spiritual growth.  This year, despite all challenges, UUCWC will be donating $2,500.00 to UrbanPromise.  This will help with maintaining after school food programs and other needed support functions.

But it’s not just about the money!  The auction provides the platform for members and friends of UUCWC to offer ways to get to know one another. This year, our third with the uncertainty of the pandemic, we had many new and creative opportunities. Compiled into a beautiful book as well as displayed online with a representative graphic for each contribution, we were able to showcase over 275 items including donated gift cards from area businesses! With less interest in “things” and more interest in experiences, donors really delivered: 4 different getaways, 25 hosted meals with special themes, along with 30 other social gatherings were offered.  With a very diverse and talented membership, offerings also included 37 different services ranging from crafts or spiritual and health-oriented workshops to technical, professional services.  Many items were set with a reasonable fixed price, while some items enticed lively competitive bidding!

This year, we were fortunate to receive many beautiful, useful home accessories from Jane and Marty Friedman prior to their relocation to North Carolina, with their permission to donate any unsold items; accordingly, a small number of items are being donated to HomeFront. 

It’s not too early to plan ahead for next year! Our Auction Team, led by Barbara Drew, Lori O’Neil, Jayme Trott and Marcia Wittmann are available throughout the year if you have any questions:

The auction fun- and fund-raising event happens due to the many participants – donors and buyers alike! Through the auction, we also continue to live our mission: “Change the World.” A big thank you to all!