Fundraising Meeting Follow-up

by Wendy Stasolla, Fundraising Committee Chair

Thanks to all who attended the fundraising brainstorming meeting on January 15, and also to those who emailed their ideas and suggestions. We had solid discussions and will be looking into promising ideas that surfaced.

One thing we identified to support and expand on is the Cosmic Concert series. Nick Mellis has been doing a great job with these events, and we think with a boost in advertising and a few helping hands could bring in even more funds for UUCWC. The next concert is on March 7, and we are looking for a few volunteers to help at the door.

We also discussed selling refreshments during intermission as another way to raise funds and engage people who might be interested in UUCWC. More than a few of our current members were introduced to our wonderful community by attending a concert at our church.

Please email Wendy at if you are interested in helping at the door on March 7 or if you are a baker and would be willing to bake a pan of brownies or a batch of cookies either for the 7th or down the road.

Our goal is to support current fundraising efforts and also help bring new ideas to fruition by assembling teams specific to each event.