Summer Sundays: July 1st weekend through Labor Day

Summer is a great time to check out our church!

On Summer Sundays we have a single worship service at 10am. Childcare and religious education classes are offered after the first 15 minutes of the service.

Children (up to age 4) may spend the hour in our nursery playing and making friends in the care of loving paid adult staff.

Children between ages 4 and 11 years old choose between two activities in two classrooms as we enjoy a more relaxed pace and focus on building community with one another.

  • One room has a “Creation Challenge” where kids will be asked to create something using a particular material. They can work individually or in groups. Some of the materials will be cardboard boxes, clay, flubber, sun paper, and spaghetti.
  • The other room has quiet activities to be done while soft music is played. Kids can play with perler beads, sculpey, and legos, color mandalas or read books.

Children in 6th grade or above are invited to attend the service or help in the RE classroom. Children 4 years old and under may choose to spend time in the nursery if they are uncomfortable in a classroom with older children.

No need to register for summer in advance – please join us!