A Spiritual Deepening Program for UUs

UUWellspring is a uniquely Unitarian Universalist program, offering UU’s a ten-month program to deepen their spiritual lives within a UU context.

The entire curriculum currently has four parts and is designed to balance a knowledge of UU history/theology with personal spiritual practice and engagement with the world.

Each of the four curriculum incorporates these five elements or spokes:

1. A commitment to daily spiritual practice

2. Participation in a small-group community

3. Individual work with a spiritual director

4. Readings and resources for knowledge and reflection

5. Reflection and commitment to living our values in the world

The four UU-Wellspring curriculum include:

1. UU-Wellspring-Sources (originally titled Foundations)

2. UU-Wellspring Spiritual Practices

3. UU-Wellspring Deep Questions

4. UU-Wellspring-Faithful Action

UUWellspring-Sources (or the original Foundations) is the prerequisite for all other years of UU-Wellspring.

The Goals of UUWellspring-Spiritual Practices are:

To deepen participants’ spiritual practice
To expose participants to other spiritual practices, both from our UU tradition and from other faith traditions
To strengthen awareness of our own connection with the holy as a foundation for serving the needs of the world

The Curriculum is built around four categories of spiritual practice:

Building awareness as the head
Opening the heart
Expanding the sense of our whole body
Extending our hands in service

If you’ve taken Wellspring-Sources of Foundations and want to register for Spiritual Practices or learn more, please contact wellspring@uucwc.org or see the Adult Learning Classes page for the current registration form.

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