Beloved Conversations has been revamped entirely in 2020 and is a brand-new program, designed and intended for online participation with vastly improved new features. It is now for individual participation and is run through the Fahs Collaborative (not through UUCWC).

This new version of the program will be released in three phases:

  • Within (the individual, personal work we each need to do) in 2020-2021;
  • Among (the institutional, systemic change needed in our congregations) in 2021-22;
  • Beyond (the work outside our congregations, with our local communities) in TBA.

The first phase –Within– focuses on the internal work that each of us needs to do as we engage racial justice. This work is different for White people and for Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color (BIPOC) and will be done entirely in race-based caucuses.

Within work will include individual Lessons, using videos, music, and readings, accompanied by reflection prompts and suggested conversations with Critical Friends chosen by the participants; bi-weekly small group conversations in a Learning Pod; and larger, monthly, facilitated Meaning-Making Sessions on Zoom. You may request to be placed into a Learning Pod with people from your congregation.

There are two separate terms of the Within program—Fall and Spring—which will contain different content. Participants can sign up for one or both, and may begin in Spring or in Fall. Registration for Fall is available now until Sept 20th.

These phases build on each other so you must take the within phase to take the among phase later. People who have taken Beloved Conversations before must take one semester of the Within phase to take the Among phase next year. The new virtual Beloved Conversations has different content and meets people where they are in their racial justice journey. It will be a different way to go deeper in the personal work needed to engage in racial justice.

Beloved Conversations Within semesters are expensive ($150 per person). Because the Adult Faith Engagement Committee believes this is an excellent program and UUCWC is committed to bringing people further along their path to beloved community, Adult Faith Engagement will offer partial scholarships to members interested in taking the class. For more information about the Within phase of Beloved Conversations including program structure and dates, please see:

If you are interested in registering for Within this semester, please let Director of Faith Engagement, Robin Pugh know immediately. Group discounts are available for congregations paying for 10 or more participants together. If you are interested in scholarship money to defray the cost of the class, please email Robin Pugh at

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