In honor of the 100th Anniversary of the Unitarian Universalist Church at Washington Crossing and with the aim of deepening UUCWC’s long standing commitment to social action and justice and making a concrete difference in our society, a church wide social justice project has been developed for the upcoming church year. The project will focus on the many issues connected to racial inequity and racial justice and will run from October 2015 through April 2016. It is hoped that we will continue to do this important work in the years to come.

Pastoral Message on the Movement for Black Lives from Unitarian Universalist Association President, Rev. Peter Morales

Participants are encouraged to make two monthly commitments between October and April. One is to ENGAGE in an action that concerns racial inequality and racial justice. The second is to REFLECT on racial inequality in a small group setting.

Introductory Brochure (pdf)


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Small Reflection Groups: These are being facilitated by the Adult Religious Education Committee and will consist of structured reflection on a specific racial justice related theme once a month. Groups are being scheduled for several different times (evenings, daytime and Sunday) and there will be no more than 8 people in each group. More information…

HomeFront: As well as continuing our long standing Monday night tutoring program, there will be opportunities to volunteer at their new Family Campus in Ewing Township. More information…

Restorative Justice: There will be a number of opportunities for participation. Congregant Pris Gaver will lead a 13 week course, called Houses of Healing, at the Women’s Correctional Facility in Clinton, NJ, and 2 or 3 people are invited to sit in on the course and learn about this transformational work. There is also a Houses of Healing correspondence course as well as a project through the UU Church of the Larger Fellowship where participants engage in a letter correspondence with incarcerated people around the county. One or two other restorative justice opportunities are also being investigated. More information…

Study Group: This group will explore areas of direct action that we might be able to pursue for Year 2 of the project and will meet monthly. More information…

The Banquet Table: This will consist of a selection of offerings each month, none of which require any long term commitment but which hopefully will encourage exploration and reflection on racial inequity and racial justice. The offerings will include a monthly movie presentation, links to a few pertinent articles and a monthly book recommendation with a book discussion group every 6 weeks or so. The Banquet table will also include information about activities and events at groups such as the UU Legislative Ministry of NJ, the UU PA Legislative Advocacy Network, the Campaign to End the New Jim Crow and the Black Lives Matter movement. More information…

So, as you see, there are many ways to participate in the project in whatever way you choose, even if it’s just going to a movie.

Please feel free to contact Sallie Dunner (Chair, Council for Faith in Action) with any comments or concerns at racialjustice@uucwc.org, or any other member of the Implementation Team – Nathalie Edmond, Lynne Quinto, Jenn Rehbein, and Dan Tuft.

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