The UUCWC Board of Trustees created an ad hoc group, the Task Force for the Development of a Five-Year Plan, which held its first organizational meeting on May 24, 2011. The task force’s main purpose was to develop, and then lead our congregation in, a process of creating a five-year plan to enable us to direct our energy and resources into activities that support our vision and mission through 2017.  The last time UUCWC had such a plan was 1998, and there was widespread sentiment in the congregation that we were overdue in having another one.

The task force used the process of Appreciative Inquiry, implemented in three phases, to create the plan. They started with a series of structured conversations, open to all who wished to participate.  They incorporated what they heard in the conversations into a survey, distributed to all UUCWC members and friends. The third step was to hold a second round of conversations based on the survey results. The resulting five-year Strategic Plan was presented to the congregation and adopted at a congregational meeting in January 2013.

Information on the plan, including a summary, can be found below.

Five Year Strategic Plan

Five Year Strategic Plan Summary