Every opportunity to serve at UUCWC requires a mix of skills and an invitation to learn and grow.  Even if you don’t think of yourself as a numbers person, you might have the creative marketing skills needed for the Stewardship Committee.  Perhaps you’re behind a computer screen all day and time helping on our grounds or Memorial Garden is a great excuse to use your body and energy. Church is a place to give what you know well. It’s also a great place to try something new in the care of an encouraging community. Search below for an opportunity that fits you.

Image by John Hain from Pixabay

I am interested in mission and vision work. 
I can trust others to be responsible for the details. 
I like the big picture and believe in UUCWC as an institution.
Consider a Board Position!

President: Leads the Board in understanding the church’s mission and vision, setting goals and making strategic choices for our church community
Treasurer: Directs and oversees the financial operations and interest of UUCWC
Trustee: Serves as a steward of UUCWC’s assets, both tangible and intangible community.

I am a good leader
 I have led in work arenas but would like to learn how to lead in my faith community. 
I like overseeing or collaborating on the details. 
Consider a Leadership or Chair Position!

Building: Oversee building repairs, maintenance, long-range planning for our expanded building
Grounds: Manage maintenance of our lovely grounds (lawn care, gardens, etc.)
Finance: Direct accurate, timely management of church finances and budgeting process
Fundraising: Collaborate with others on initiatives to raise funds for church operations 
Memorial Garden: Part pastoral, part organizational, manage care for our Memorial Garden
Pastoral Care Ministry: Organizes support, caring and outreach to the UUCWC community

I am not interested in being in charge,
but I have energy to give back.
I would love to meet new people and work with others
on a shared goal for our community. 
Consider a Shared Leadership / Team Member Position:

Communications: Social media, editing, writing and marketing – a place for your creativity 
Endowment: Administer endowment fund, grant process and annual special project funding
Finance Team Member For those good with numbers, research to assist in management of the church finances
Grounds Team Member: Work outdoors maintaining gardens, planning plantings and meditation trails
Pastoral Care Team Member:  Provides support to the UUCWC community with notes, calls and caring actions
Personnel Team Member:  Ensure our Human Resources are administered according to law and our covenant 
Right Relations (2 people; 3 year commitment): promotes peaceful and constructive dialogue in line with UUCWC’s Covenant of Right Relations 
Stewardship Team Member:  plan/implement the annual canvass ensuring the financial resources for our mission and vision.
Worship Associates: facilitate and create worship services that support and enhance the vision and mission of this liberal faith community and of Unitarian Universalism
Worship Tech Team: Orchestrate the technical aspects of virtual worship

If you are interested in any of these positions or would like more information, reach out to Congregational Engagement at congeng@uucwc.org.