Dear Friends,

On “Giving Tuesday”, as we continue the 2018 End of Year campaign, there is a necessity about congregational life this year, that I haven’t felt before.

With Hannah Gallo on staff as our Ministerial Intern, we’ve been able to offer the joyful and robust Welcome Table Wednesday evenings. Members and newcomers, parents and children, have connected in new ways with one another, this community, and Unitarian Universalism. Rev. Sue Goodwin’s Adult Religious Education classes on the History of Jesus have invited deep discussion on meaning-making and purpose. Members of the Capital Campaign are in the final stages of deciding on an architect; the parking project has broken ground and will be completed before the new year, all while jumping through more and new hoops. The Worship Team set out to create more opportunity for multigenerational learning, gifting one another clear tools to have a “full week UU faith.” Marriage plans have been announced. Babies have been born and blessed. Friends to this community have enthusiastically become members. We have lost, celebrated, and only begin to grieve beloved members within our midst.

It is easy to take for granted the bounty of beauty and purpose we create here at UUCWC. As the calendar year ends, as elections illuminate the work still to be done, as hate infiltrates houses of worship, and as we ourselves grow weary in the face of all the work that is required to bend the arc – I ask that you make an additional financial contribution to your congregational home.

You can use the envelopes provided each Sunday, noting “EOY” in the memo lines of your check, or you can donate at our website using the donate button at and noting End Of Year Donation in the special instructions.

There is a necessity about congregational life – as individuals, as families, as a collective faith community. As I say each Sunday: It would not be the same if you hadn’t chosen to be here. We need you to ensure that what we make possible at UUCWC remains.

With deepest gratitude for your generosity that shows in many ways,

Rev. Kim

PS Please consider a gift of a “13th Month” to your pledge. If you do not currently pledge, we encourage all participants of UUCWC to consider giving around 2.5%-5% annually. If we could each give equally – which we know we cannot – it would take around $2,100 per family to maintain our current budget. We thank you for the generosity that comes in all amounts.