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Racial Justice Ministry: 8th Principle Check In

By Dan Tuft, Racial Justice Ministry

Over five years ago our community embarked on a journey to educate ourselves and act upon our understanding of not only the insidious, enduring structural aspects of racism in our world, but to also gain an understanding and willingness to … read more.

Freya Makes a Difference

by Jessie Boehm and Andy Snyder

Our daughter Freya was deeply impacted by the news of the wildfires in Australia and wanted to help. After talking with us she decided she wanted to do something to raise money and immediately began drawing … read more.

Mid-Year Financial Update


Several weeks after I joined the Board of Trustees this past July, I agreed to assume on an interim basis, the role of Treasurer, with an eye on creating a volunteer leadership position that can be managed and steered by fellow leaders who are not … read more.

Meet the Family Ministry Team

by Colleen McCourt

At UUCWC, we’re always looking to create, nurture and deepen connections and be in community with each other. In that spirit, the past year saw the formation of the Family Ministry Team, a group of congregants charged with exploring the diverse experiences and … read more.

Welcome Table Wednesday – March 18

by Linda Vogt, Connection Team Leader

It’s coming back, by popular demand! Our next Welcome Table Wednesday, a multigenerational potluck meal open to the whole family, is scheduled for Wednesday, March 18 at 6:15pm in the Crossings Room. Another opportunity to do … read more.

Annual Stewardship Campaign 2020 – 2021

Creating Community, Celebrating Life, and Changing the World

The UUCWC Stewardship Committee is pleased to announce that we kicked off our 2020-2021 Congregational Pledge Campaign on Sunday, February 9, and will continue through March.

Our Stewardship theme this year is focused on our mission, Creating Community, … read more.

Dispelling Nominating Myths

by Sandy Muccioli, Chair, Nominating Committee

Do you want to run in the opposite direction when you hear about the Nominating Committee? You aren’t alone. When UUCWC had fewer members, it seemed the same people were targeted to join or chair committees just to be stuck … read more.

Help Preserve Our New Parking Area

by Steve Saddlemire, Co-Chair, Grounds Committee

We hope and expect everyone is taking advantage of our new pervious paved parking area.  While we  have established a workable parking pattern, we have not resolved several issues and need the congregation’s help. 

Recently, there have been several instances … read more.