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Notes on Congregational Life

by Ana DelCorazon, Congregational Life Coordinator

I haven’t had the opportunity to meet as many of you in person as I’d like to (yet), since I’ve only been a member of UUCWC for eight months and have attended for over a year. However, I’ve been … read more.

Introducing Soul Matters

by Ana DelCorazón

UUCWC is hosting Soul Matters sharing circle, a monthly small group ministry followed by 150 Unitarian Universalist congregations who follow the same monthly worship themes.

To enable connections with each other, with our deepest selves, and with the world. Members, friends and visitors … read more.

UUCWC Neighborhood Potlucks

Did you know that UUCWC hosts monthly neighborhood potlucks for members and friends? Currently there are five formed groups: Up the River, Newtown, Titusville, Yardley and Lawrenceville area potluck.   Because of our growing community, not everyone has been invited to a neighborhood potluck – … read more.

Open to You!

by Ana DelCorazon, Membership Volunteer Coordinator

If you’ve been to church lately, you may have noticed some changes in the lobby. For example, the Greeter/Welcome Desk has been moved from the left to the right-hand side of the doors, angled off the nursery. The … read more.

My Reflections: GA 2017

Ana DelCorazon (left) at General Assembly with Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray, recently elected president of the UUA.

With the financial support of UUCWC, I was able to attend this year’s General Assembly (GA) in New Orleans. For those who don’t know or who are new to … read more.