Rev. Kim Wildszewski

To Belong

It’s the Sunday after the inauguration. Millions will have celebrated. Millions will have marched. At UUCWC it’s also our New Member Sunday. What does it mean to belong?   Listen to the sermon here:

A Community of Prophecy

On this Martin Luther King Jr Sunday, let us gather in honor of King, and open our hearts once more to his prophetic voice that speaks to us today. Listen to this sermon:

Music Ministry

In honor of Caryl Tipton, our Director of Music Ministry for 25 years, gather in celebration, thanksgiving, and praise for the ministry of music. Join us for coffee and cake following the one service at 10am.

One Precious Life

Come and hear from nine UUCWC members, ranging in age from 10-90 as they reflect on the New Year and, in Mary Oliver’s words, their one precious life. In the spirit of our Centennial Year 2016-2017, we are taking this opportunity to hold our New Year’s Day service in the Crossings Room, just as it … Continued

Stories and Carols

Come for an abbreviated service in which we will share the stories and carols of Christmas Day.  Pajama-wearing is welcomed. Please note that we will have one service at 10:00am.

Born in Bethlehem: A Christmas Pageant

Come participate in our nativity pageant at our family Christmas service.  Only a few roles are cast in advance of the service.  The 27 (or more) remaining participants (including shepherds, stars, kings, and animals) take part as the story is told.  Everyone is invited to sing carols and imagine that they are in Bethlehem 2016 … Continued

A Community of Presence

Deep in a time when we often miss seeing life’s gifts, and instead focus on the purchase of gifts, let’s explore the monthly theme of December: being a Community of Presence. Listen to this sermon:

Hanging of the Greens

Join once again in our annual Hanging of the Greens multi-generational celebration!  In honor of the pagan appreciation and rituals of the evergreen, together we will sing, decorate, and come together to deck our sanctuary halls.

Our Thanksgiving Stories

Stories are often told around the table.  What are the stories we tell, assume, or wish we knew?  Music offered by Crossings Chorale. November Theme:  A People of Story Our lives are not just made up of stories; they are also made by stories. This might be the most important reminder of this month. Indeed, … Continued