Caryl Tipton

America Strong…in Song

July 4th has been an occasion for Americans to express their patriotism.  But the ways we do so are as diverse as our nation.  Some understand that people can disagree with their government and still love their country and its ideals. Through songs and stories, we’ll celebrate the strength of America through the beauty of … Continued

Born in Bethlehem: A Christmas Pageant

Come participate in our nativity pageant at our family Christmas service.  Only a few roles are cast in advance of the service.  The 27 (or more) remaining participants (including shepherds, stars, kings, and animals) take part as the story is told.  Everyone is invited to sing carols and imagine that they are in Bethlehem 2016 … Continued

Do You Have More Than Enough Oil in Your Lamp?

There is a light that shines within all of us…our essence, energy and spirit. Sometimes it burns bright and at other times, dim. We need to make sure we have more than enough “oil” to fuel our light within before we can shore of ourselves with others. Caryl Tiption is UUCWC’s Director of Music Ministry.  … Continued

Spirituality in Popular Music

The universal language of popular music plays an important spiritual role in our world by filling a void, inspiring hope and even providing spiritual guidance and wisdom in times of tragedy and confusion. From “pop” to rock, hip hop, rap, country and folk, mainstream popular music can inspire soul searching when it reaches beyond the more common romantic, materialistic and … Continued